AmbuMan® Wireless

The AmbuMan is the ideal training manikin for the advanced BLS algorithm training. It is specially designed for basic training of medical and nursing staff and for education of lay people.
Due to its closed torso the use and placement of AEDs and also the placement of defibrillation electrodes can be trained.The AmbuMan allows optimal training of chest compression combined with a realistic respiration. The user friendly Ambu hygienic system prevents cross-infection and ensures realistic airway resistance and an exhalation through mouth and nose.

Monitoring instrument
The indicator shows the instructor, the volume of supplied air (in L) and the chest compression depth (in mm). Furthermore, it visualizes the compression with wrong hand position and a gastric inflation with a warning symbol.

Ambu Manikin Management Module
The core is the AmbuMan with the latest, integrated Ambu Wireless Technology. The browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module allows the wireless control, documentation and monitoring of the trainee’s performance. The Ambu Manikin Management Module is the central interface, where all data and information come together: compression depth, correct hand position, Ventilation volume, stomach inflation.

Selftraining Module
The AmbuMan Wireless includes a licensfree Selftraining Module, that allows to establish training stations and perform an instructor independent training at anytime. Resuscitation teams can train continuously or trainees can prepare for examination.

Carotid pulse
The carotid pulse can be felt during chest compression and can also be simulated by a manual pulse bellow.


Key features :
• Optimal BLS-algorithm manikin
• Robust design
• Realistic training of chest compression
• Adjustable chest stiffness
• Ambu hygienic system for mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation
• Airways open only with correct hyperextension
• Manual feedback display (ventilation volume, compression depth, hand position, stomach inflation)
• The carotid pulse can be felt during chest compression and can also be simulated by a manual pulse below

• Latest Ambu Wireless Technology
• Browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module for control, documentation and monitoring
• Licensfree Selftraining-Module


Specifications :
• Connectivity: WLAN or LAN
Ambu Wireless Technology built on latest generation of Intel WLAN Modules

• Ambu Manikin Management Module: Operating system independent and browser-based control, programmable scenarios, individual documentation for up to 4 participants, parallel display and control of up to 6 manikins, parallel multiple access of various devices for visualization of the performance

• Power supply: AC adapter,
Battery pack or PoE (optional, not included in packaging)

• Manual feedback display: Extendable
Ventilation volume, compression depth, hand position, stomach inflation

Torso, Integrated Ambu Wireless Technology, Ambu Manikin Management Module 
5 Ambu face pieces, 100 disposable head bags, Transport bag / practice mat



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