AmbuMan® School

Ambu Man School is a training manikin, which offers human appearance dedicated to the training of all procedures for basic life support resuscitation.

The manikin can be used for realistic training of external chest compressions and the placement of AED pads, in order to get used in the handling of AED’s.

Patented hygienic system
The unique hygienic system prevents cross contamination when demonstrating and training of the principals of ventilation through mouth and nose.

Compliant with ERC recommendations
The Ambu Man School is intented to be used for education of pupils in schools under the supervision of an instructor/teacher.

Compact and portable
For an easy transportation & set up possibility the Ambu Man School has a low weight and compact packaging.

Easy AED training
Due to the closed shaped torso, defibrillation pads can be placed, so simulated AED training can be performed realistically.