AmbuMan® Advanced IV


The AmbuMan Advanced is Ambus latest training manikin generation, which is made to fulfil all the needs of Advanced Life Support (ALS) -Training.

Specifications :
• Ambu Wireless Technology built on latest generation of Intel WLAN Modules• Operating system independent and browser-based control, programmable scenarios, individual documentation for up to 4 participants, parallel displayand control of up to 6 manikins, parallel multiple access of various devices for visualization of the performance

• AC adapter,
Battery pack or PoE (optional, not included in packaging)

• Training of airway management: like laryngeal masks, laryngeal or tracheal tube.
Bag-mask ventilation and use of the Guedel airway. Airways open only with correct hyperextension

• Equipped with two electrodes (apex and sternum) that can be defibrillated with up to 360 joules. In addition to the use of manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators, paddles can be used.

• Possibility for transcutaneous pacing

• Conform with the ERC 2015 Guidelines
ECG is displayed physiologically correct and detected accordingly by an external defibrillator. 12-lead ECG display, ECG can be programmed manual

• Extendable
Ventilation volume, compression depth, hand position, stomach inflation

• Training of injection techniques: i.v. (Arm) + i.o. (Leg)


Key features:
• Latest Ambu Wireless Technology
• Robust and durable
• Individually programmable scenarios
• Browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module for control, documentation and monitoring
• High flexibility by operating system-independent access and control
• Individual review possibility in group training (up to four participants)
• Parallel multiple access of various devices for visulisation of the performance
• Display of a realistic patient monitor with 12-lead ECG
• Custom programming of ECG rhythms possible
• Play sound e.g. respiratory sounds
• Training of airway management
• Training of i.v. and i.o. access techniques





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