Ambu® SAM


The Ambu SAM is an inexpensive training manikin with all the well-known and sought-after Ambu look-listen-feel features. The Ambu SAM incorporates the unique and patented hygienic system that enables training with a face piece and head bag. Especially the closed shape of the torso with its anatomical correct landmarks enables students to learn the complete algorithm of Basic Life support including the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) and the  placement of the AED Pads. 

Key Benefits :

  • AED Training

Ambu SAM has a closed Torso appearance that the placement of AED Pads can be trained as on a real human being.

  • Compact manikin

Ambu SAM is a lightweight manikin that can be easily carried around and stored.

  • Practical characteristics

The Ambu look-listen-feel concept give trainees a realistic feeling for ventilation. The compression indicator confirms correct depth of the compression.

Open Airway
The airway is opened only when the head is tilted – there are realistic airway resistance and chest rise.

Hygienic System
Ambu SAM has got the same unique hygienic solution as the Ambu Man with disposable head bags and washable face pieces.

Compact Bag
The head of the Ambu SAM can be placed inside the manikins so everything is packed in only one small bag.

Weight:  2 kg environ
Size: L70xH20xW33 cm




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