About Ambu

About Ambu

Millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on the functionality and performance of our products. We are dedicated to improving patient safety and determined to advance single-use devices.

The manifestations of our efforts range from early inventions like the Ambu Bag™ resuscitator and the legendary BlueSensor™ electrodes to our newest landmark solutions like the aScope™ endoscope – the world’s first single-use flexible video scope. Our commitment to bringing new ideas and superior service to our customers has made Ambu one of the most recognized medical companies in the world.

The Ambuman First Aid Training Dummy is an adult-sized Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training dummy offering an extraordinarily realistic replica of human anatomy.
Several versions are available:

–      AmbuMan Compression
–      AmbuMan Basic
–      AmbuMan B
–      AmbuMan Instrument
–      AmbuMan Wireless
–      AmbuMan Airway Wireless
–      AmbuMan Defib Wireless
–      AmbuMan Advanced

The birth of Ambu models dates back to the 1950s, when the first training and teaching mannequins for first aid were introduced. Several waves of changes followed, allowing the further development of products:

MannequinYear of creation
Ambu CPR Pal1977
Ambu Intubation Trainer1982
Simulator II1985
Ambu IV-Trainer1991
Ambu Baby1992
Ambu Defib Trainer System1993
Ambu MultiMan1994
Ambu MegaCode Trainer system1996
Ambu Airway Management Trainer1997
Ambu Cardiac Care Trainer System1999
Ambu UniMan2001
Ambu MegaCode Simulator2003
Ambu AirwayMan2008
AmbuMan Wireless2010
Ambu Uniman +2011
AmbuMan Compression
AmbuMan Basic
AmbuMan® Wireless
AmbuMan® Defib
AmbuMan® Airway Wireless
AmbuMan® Advanced



This year, we celebrated 31 years of the Ambuman.

Resized_AmbuMan W group

Our models are now used by all first aid professionals such as the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross, the Civil Protection, the SAMU, the CESU, the SNSM but also by the general public through national education, companies and various first aid associations.

These mannequins are recognized by the professional world as quality material and are compatible with the various standards in force such as SST, PSC, PSE, PAE, BNSSA, AFGSU.

In addition, our models are regularly updated according to the current ERC (European Resuscitation Council) recommendations. The latest one is from August 2011 and the next one is expected to be sometime in 2015.

Finally, our models are latex-free, phthalate-free and are guaranteed 3 years parts and labor.

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